Jimmie Skinner: I'm Doin' My Time: Selected Singles 1956-1962 & More

Jimmie Skinner: I&
Title: I'm Doin' My Time: Selected Singles 1956-1962 & More
Label: Jasmine Records

Known and loved by all fans of vintage country music, the late Jimmie Skinner is one of the most important singer-songwriters to have emerged from the hillbilly hotbed of Cincinnati, Ohio in the immediate post-WWII years. Sounding a lot like his own hero, the great Ernest Tubb (who later recorded several of Jimmie's songs) Jimmie's simple, uncluttered recordings received much jukebox play and eventually considerable chart action, too. This new Jasmine compilation focuses on the most commercially-productive years of Jimmie's five-decade-plus career - the years between the mid-50s and the early 60s when he was a frequent visitor to the Billboard 'Country And Western' charts and before his simple, earthy hillbilly stylings were elbowed aside to make room for more of 'The Nashville Sound'. Included among the tracks are several of Jimmie's best-known songs among the hundreds he composed between the mid-30s and his death from a heart attack in 1979. Timeless classics such as 'Will You Be Satisfied That Way', 'I Found My Girl In The U. S. A' and our title track are among those that will forever ensure Jimmie's membership in the Country Songwriters' Hall Of Fame. As with all of our country and hillbilly CDs this new Jasmine project once again puts important music into a deserved historical perspective and refocuses attention on an artist who has been somewhat ill-served by the single CD reissue market up to now. And as always, the audio is remastered from the best possible sources and the booklet features a comprehensive biography.

1.1 Dime a Dozen (That's What You Are
1.2 Steppin' Out on You
1.3 Just Ramblin' on
1.4 (My Heart's) on a Budget
1.5 Hafta Do Something' 'Bout That
1.6 We've Got Things in Common - Jimmie Skinner and Connie Hall
1.7 No Fault of Mine
1.8 Where My Sweet Baby Goes
1.9 I Found My Girl in the U.S.A
1.10 Where Do We Go from Here - Jimmie Skinner and Connie Hall
1.11 What Makes a Man Wander
1.12 Doin' My Time
1.13 Dark Hollow
1.14 Walkin' My Blues Away
1.15 Misery Loves Company
1.16 John Wesley Hardin
1.17 Married to a Friend - Jimmie Skinner and Connie Hall
1.18 Riverboat Gambler
1.19 Two Squares Away
1.20 I'm a Lot More Lonesome Now
1.21 Reasons to Live
1.22 I'll Weaken and Call
1.23 Lonesome Road Blues
1.24 Don't Let Love Get You Down
1.25 Careless Love
1.26 100 Proof Heartaches
1.27 One Dead Man Ago
1.28 I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still)
1.29 Muddy Water Blues
1.30 Will You Be Satisfied That Way

Jimmie Skinner: I'm Doin' My Time: Selected Singles 1956-1962 & More

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