Jimmy Heap

Jimmy Heap: Jimmy Heap & The Melody Masters

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jimmy Heap

Title: Jimmy Heap & The Melody Masters
Label: Bear Family

The legend of the central Texas dancehalls, Jimmie Heap never achieved much success. He recorded the original version of Release Me, as well as dance classics and rockabilly stomps like Sebbin Come Elebbin, Go Head On, Heap Of Boogie, Ethyl In My Gas Tank, You're Nuthin' But A Nuthin', and Conscience I'm Guilty. The 30 Capitol recordings from 1951 to 1955 are here, and they all feature Texas beerhall legend Perk Williams on lead vocal and Butterball Harris on singing steel guitar.

1.1 Release Me
1.2 Love in the Valley
1.3 Just to Be with You
1.4 Then I'll Be Happy
1.5 Heartbreaker
1.6 You're in Love with You
1.7 Just for Tonight
1.8 Girl with a Past
1.9 Lifetime of Shame
1.10 You Don't Kiss Me 'Cause You Love Me
1.11 The One That I Won
1.12 Ethyl in My Gas Tank
1.13 My First Love Affair
1.14 Love Can Move Mountains
1.15 Conscience, I'm Guilty
1.16 This Song Is Just for You
1.17 You Oughta Know
1.18 I Told You So
1.19 Butternut
1.20 Long John
1.21 Mingling
1.22 Heap of Boogie
1.23 You're Nothin' But a Nothin'
1.24 That's All I Want from You
1.25 I'll Follow the Crowd
1.26 It Takes a Heap of Lovin'
1.27 Cry Cry Darling
1.28 You Didn't Have Time
1.29 Let's Do It Just Once
1.30 This Night Won't Last Forever

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