Jimmy Shand Jr.: Dancing with the Shands

Jimmy Shand Jr.: Dancing with the Shands
Title: Dancing with the Shands
Label: Rel Records

What was it about Jimmy Shand that made him so beloved in the UK for all those decades? Well, they didn't call him the King of the Melodeon Men for nothing-nobody could get people out of the chairs and onto the dance floor faster than Jimmy! Here's a collection of his best-loved tunes including his smash "Bluebell Polka" and featuring his son Jimmy, Jr..

1.1 The Grand March: The Star O'Robbie Burns
1.2 Waltz Country Dance: Kelvin Grove/Rothesay Bay/Horo My Nut Brown Maiden
1.3 Military Two Step: Jeannie McColl/It's Nice to Get Up in the Morning/We
1.4 Gay Gordons: John McDonald's March
1.5 Duke of Perth: Duke of Perth/Lass O'Patties Mill/Davy Knick Knack
1.6 Fiddle Solo
1.7 La-Va
1.8 Eva Three Step: Dr. Ross's 50th Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering/Du
1.9 Swedish Masquerade
1.10 Virginia Reel: She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain/Let Him Go Let Him T
1.11 Pride of Erin Waltz: Peggy O'Neill
1.12 Mississippi Dip: Beer Barrell Polka
1.13 Strip the Willow: Muckin O'Georgides Byre/Athernie Lodge/Midlothian Pip
1.14 Melodeon Solo: O'Gin I Were a Baron's Heir
1.15 Victory Waltz: Memories of Orkney
1.16 Bluebell Polka
1.17 Military Two Step: Golden Wedding Two Step
1.18 St Bernard's Waltz: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean/Won't You But Me Pret

Jimmy Shand Jr.: Dancing with the Shands

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