Joachim Caffonnette Extended: Bittersweet Times

Joachim Caffonnette Extended: Bittersweet Times
Title: Bittersweet Times
Label: Hypnote Records

On his third album as a leader, Belgian pianist Joachim Caffonnette deepens and refines his textural approach, carefully balancing between the impressionist influences and the bebop legacy that are distinctive of his very personal signature. « Extended » is meant as a projection of his writing and his ideals through various instrumental ensembles that stimulate meetings and spontaneity between the musicians. On this opus, Caffonnette gathers some of the most promising cats of their generation: double bass player from New Orleans Jasen Weaver, New York-based Israeli drummer Noam Israeli and, as a special guest, Kansas City's virtuous trumpet player Hermon Mehari. On three tracks, the band is joined by Édouard Wallyn on trombone and Quentin Manfroy on alto and bass flutes, unveiling an almost orchestral sound. This album expresses itself through it's intensity, constant interplay and shared joy. Caffonnette's writing is as melodic as it is contrasted, oscillating between burning swing and aerial harmonies.

1.1 Bittersweet Times
1.2 Nostalgie Du Futur
1.3 Presidential Blues
1.4 Any Where Out of the World
1.5 Endless Dreams (Intro)
1.6 Endless Dreams
1.7 Big Questions, Brief Answers
1.8 The 6 Am. Crosspath
1.9 On Green Dolphin Street
1.10 A Savvy Child

Joachim Caffonnette Extended: Bittersweet Times

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