Joanie Madden

Joanie Madden: Song of the Irish Whistle 1

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Joanie Madden

Title: Song of the Irish Whistle 1
Label: Hearts of Space

The music is sometimes mournful, sometimes joyful, sometimes thoughtful and sometimes prayerful.

1.1 The Immigrant
1.2 Down By the Salley Gardens
1.3 The Otter's Nest / Richie Dwyer's
1.4 The Level Plain (Magh Seola)
1.5 Loftus Jones
1.6 Women of Ireland
1.7 The Legacy Jig/Tar Road to Sligo
1.8 The Black Rose (Roisin Dubh)
1.9 The Mountain of Women
1.10 Flight of the Wild Geese
1.11 The South Wind
1.12 Lord Mayo

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