Joanna Newsom: Have One on Me

Joanna Newsom: Have One on Me
Title: Have One on Me
Label: Drag City

2010 three CD release from the acclaimed singer/songwriter, the long-awaited follow-up to her album the Y's. Featuring Ryan Francesconi and Neal Morgan from Joanna's Ys Street Band, Have One on Me is an extravagantly packaged collection of fantastic new Joanna Newsom songs: her most colorful record to date. Joanna's music has more of an affinity with the Folk revival of the '60s, or the Bluegrass movement at present, than with most contemporary Folk (or Anti-Folk) scenes. Affinities aside, her style could hardly be called Bluegrass; nor does it evoke the pastoral tonalities of '60s Folk: she sings about whalebones, sleep, grammar, mollusks, accumulation, automobiles, owls, burning boats, string collections, milk, teeth, bridges, balloons, cake, colors, and kin, all in an otherworldly, ragged-sweet voice that defies convention.

1.1 Easy 6:04
1.2 Have One on Me 11:02
1.3 '81 3:51
1.4 Good Intentions Paving Company 7:02
1.5 No Provenance 6:25
1.6 Baby Birch 9:30
2.1 On a Good Day 1:48
2.2 You and Me, Bess 7:12
2.3 In California 8:41
2.4 Jackrabbits 4:23
2.5 Go Long 8:02
2.6 Occident 5:31
3.1 Soft As Chalk 6:29
3.2 Esme 7:56
3.3 Autumn 8:01
3.4 Ribbon Bows 6:10
3.5 Kingfisher 9:11
3.6 Does Not Suffice 6:44

Joanna Newsom: Have One on Me

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