Joe Harriott

Joe Harriott: Abstract

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Artist: Joe Harriott

Artist: Joe Harriott
Title: Abstract
Product Type: VINYL LP

"'Audiences now seem to be understanding what we're doing. We've stepped up the amount of free-form to about fifty percent, and all over the country we're getting better receptions for this kind of music than we get for conventional modern jazz.' Free-form tries, says Harriott, to add color to jazz: 'Of jazz's various components - constant time signatures, a steady 4/4 tempo, themes, chord sequences, and so on - we aim to retain at least one in each piece. But we may dispense with all the others.' As Harriott also advises, don't expect all of this music to swing - it isn't meant to. Listen instead for the exciting, revelatory explorations of bi-tonality within the ensemble, the constantly alert unity of the group as a whole, and the frequently lyrical, nakedly impassioned playing of trumpeter Shake Keane and alto sax man Joe Harriott himself."

1.1 Subject
1.2 Shadows
1.3 Oleo
1.4 Modal
1.5 Tonal
1.6 Pictures
1.7 Idioms
1.8 Compound

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