Joel Plaskett

Joel Plaskett: Scrappy Happiness

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Joel Plaskett

Title: Scrappy Happiness
Label: Imports

Rather than follow the now common schedule of write, record, manufacture, release over a period of a year or so; Joel is taking the album out of the incubator, one song at a time. During Jan. 10 - March 13, 2012, Joel has one week to record and produced on a strict weekly schedule that have premiered on CBC Radio 2. Scrappy Happiness is the culmination of this latest project and it's highly anticipated by the many Cdn. Joel Plaskett fans.

1.1 Lightning Bolt
1.2 Harbour Boys
1.3 You're Mine
1.4 Tough Love
1.5 Slow Dance
1.6 Time Flies
1.7 Somewhere Else
1.8 Old Friends
1.9 I'm Yours
1.10 North Star

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