Joel West P: Short Term 12

Joel West P: Short Term 12
Title: Short Term 12
Label: Milan Records

Original score to the 2013 motion picture composed by Joel P West. Winner of the audience award at South By Southwest, Short Term 12 tells the story of a 20-something staff member of a foster care facility. As she navigates the troubled waters of that world alongside her co-worker and longtime boyfriend, she is confronted to her own difficult past. The film received ravishingly good reviews from all major publications. Very talented multi-instrumentalist Joel West composed a melodic and powerful score in the best traditions of the craft.

1.1 Welcome to Short Term 12
1.2 Clear My Head
1.3 Brushbloom Glow
1.4 Wiffle Ball
1.5 Bath
1.6 Maybe, Baby
1.7 Cupcakes
1.8 Birthday Cards
1.9 Let's Walk Then
1.10 Wild Again
1.11 I'll Be Fine
1.12 Let Me in
1.13 Now We Should Get Out of Here
1.14 This Is Home
1.15 Cielito Lindo
1.16 So You Know What It's Like
1.17 Vicious
1.18 After Party

Joel West P: Short Term 12

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