John Beckwith

John Beckwith: Portrait

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Artist: John Beckwith

Artist: John Beckwith
Title: Portrait

1.1 Beginning
1.2 Farewell to Nova Scotia
1.3 Throughout John Beckwith's Childhood
1.4 Unlikely As It Might Sound Today
1.5 He's Been a Mentor and a Great Friend
1.6 He Likes to Have Consistency and Routine
1.7 As a Composer Who Came of Age in the 1960S
1.8 Susan Sontag Said Nostlagia Is a Meager Emotion
1.9 Listening to Works Like Harp of David
2.1 Prologue: The World's a Theatre
2.2 Children's Song: Run, Run, Run, See Dick and Jane Run
2.3 The High School Play: All the World's a Stage
2.4 Ladies and Gentlemen on Opening Night: O Ladies, O Ladies, So Tender and Fair
2.5 A Theoretical Discussion: Here All the Learned and Authentic Fellows
2.6 Epilogue: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow
2.7 Taking a Stand
2.8 I. ?
2.9 II. ?
2.10 III. ?
2.11 IV. ?
2.12 V. ?
2.13 VI. ?
2.14 VII. ?
2.15 At the Day of Judgement?
2.16 Okay, God, Say What You Like?
2.17 Once It Seemed Almost Violent, This Music?
2.18 I Don't Want Anyone Else Bringing Up My Kids
2.19 Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
2.20 I Used to Think There Would Be a Blinding Flash?

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