John Beltran

John Beltran: John Beltran Presents Music for Machines 1

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Artist: John Beltran

Artist: John Beltran
Title: John Beltran Presents Music for Machines 1
Product Type: VINYL LP

Celebrated ambient artist John Beltran jointly releases not one but two vinyl compilations on Delsin Records in association with his own Dado label. The compilations, named Music for Machines Part 1 and Part 2, take the form of two vinyl LPs released apart, with both releases compiled together onto one CD. Michigan-born producer Beltran, of course, has released countless legendary EPs and LPs on labels like Peacefrog, Carl Craig's Retroactive and Belgium's R&S. His music has been licensed to high-profile HBO TV series and a number of films, and pulls together elements of jazz, world music, organic soundscapes, and electronic textures into compelling listening experiences. Most recently, this came in the form of his Amazing Things (DSR 098 CD/LP) album in 2013, while his career-spanning Ambient Selections (DSR 088 CD/LP) from 2011 is still a vital listen. Part 1 of the compilation pulls together new and exclusive tracks from the likes of Winter Flags, Blair French, David Elpezs and John himself. Part 1 opens up with the found sound lushness of "Winterfall Winds" before naturally unfolding through Reinehr's wintry harmonics and the crowning glory of Beltran's own titular track, which is a moving bit of textured modern classical music that soothes your mind, body and soul. Other artists include: Sons of Melancholia, Kirk Degiorgio, Dennis Clifford, Robert Perry, and Merrin Karras.

1.1 Winter Flags - Winterfall Winds - Winter Flags
1.2 Reinehr - Lung - Reinehr
1.3 Sons of Melancholia - Trust and Faith - Sons of Melancholia
1.4 Blair French - Before Morning Arrival - Blair French
1.5 John Beltran - Music for Machines - John Beltran
1.6 David Elpezs - Brisa - David Elpezs
1.7 Kirk Degiorgio - High Tide - Kirk Degiorgio
1.8 Dennis Clifford - Nineteen Eighty Seven - Dennis Clifford
1.9 Robert Perry - 5291989 - Robert Perry
1.10 Merrin Karras - the Veldt - Merrin Karras

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