John D. Loudermilk

John D. Loudermilk: It's My Time

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Product Type: CD

Title: It's My Time
Label: Bear Family

1.1 It's My Time
1.2 No Playing in the Snow Today
1.3 The Little Grave
1.4 I'm Looking for a World
1.5 What Is It
1.6 Bubble, Please Break
1.7 Ma Baker's Little Acre
1.8 Mary's No Longer Mine
1.9 To Hell with Love
1.10 Talkin' Silver Cloud Blues
1.11 Joey Stays with Me
1.12 The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian
1.13 The Jones'
1.14 You're the Guilty One
1.15 Where Have They Gone
1.16 The Little Bird
1.17 Brown Girl
1.18 Givin' You All My Love
1.19 I Chose You
1.20 Honey
1.21 That Ain't All
1.22 Interstate 40
1.23 Do You
1.24 Tobacco Road

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