John D. Loudermilk: Songs of John D. Loudermilk: Sittin' in the

John D Loudermilk: Songs of John D. Loudermilk: Sittin&
Title: Songs of John D. Loudermilk: Sittin' in the
Label: Jasmine Music

2012 two CD collection. John D. Loudermilk is widely acknowledged as the most idiosyncratic songwriter of the Rock era and this unique two CD compilation presents his story from two entirely different perspectives. Disc One comprises his own recordings between 1957-61, including his original hit versions of, "Sittin' in the Balcony", "Language of Love" and "Blue Train". Disc Two features his songs performed by other artists during the same period such as: Eddie Cochran, Johnny Cash, Brenda Lee, Ricky Nelson, the Everly Brothers. Bobby Vee, Connie Francis and many more. This is the first time that Loudermilk's repertoire has been compiled this way, and with many tracks on Disc Two being unavailable elsewhere on CD, this is a real gem. Jasmine.

1.1 Johnny Dee O Sittin' in the Balcony
1.2 Johnny Dee O A-Plus in Love
1.3 Johnny Dee O It's Gotta Be You
1.4 Johnny Dee O Teenage Queen
1.5 Johnny Dee ; the Bluenotes O 1,000 Concrete Blocks
1.6 Johnny Dee ; the Bluenotes O in My Simple Way
1.7 Ebe Sneezer ; His Epidemics O Asiatic Flu
1.8 Ebe Sneezer ; His Epidemics O That's All I've Got (To Remember You By)
1.9 Johnny Dee ; the Blue Notes O Somebody Sweet
1.10 Johnny Dee ; the Blue Notes O They Were Right
1.11 John D. Loudermilk O Susie's House
1.12 John D. Loudermilk O Yearbook
1.13 John D. Loudermilk O Yo-Yo
1.14 John D. Loudermilk O Lover's Lane
1.15 John D. Loudermilk O Goin' Away to School
1.16 John D. Loudermilk O This Cold War with You
1.17 John D. Loudermilk O the Red-Headed Stranger
1.18 John D. Loudermilk O the Happy Wanderer
1.19 John D. Loudermilk O Tobacco Road
1.20 John D. Loudermilk O Midnight Bus
1.21 John D. Loudermilk O Language of Love
1.22 John D. Loudermilk O Darling Jane
1.23 John D. Loudermilk O Blue Train (Of the Heartbreak Line)
1.24 John D. Loudermilk O the Great Snow Man
1.25 John D. Loudermilk O Song of the Lonely Teen
1.26 John D. Loudermilk O the Rocks of Reno
1.27 John D. Loudermilk O You Reap Just What You Sow
1.28 John D. Loudermilk O Two Strangers in Love
1.29 John D. Loudermilk O Mister Jones
1.30 John D. Loudermilk O Jimmy's Song
1.31 John D. Loudermilk O What Would You Take for Me
1.32 John D. Loudermilk O Mary's No Longer Mine
1.33 George Hamilton IV O a Rose and a Baby Ruth
1.34 Eddie Cochran O Sittin' in the Balcony
1.35 The Chordettes O We Should Be Together
1.36 Arnie Derksen O I'd Like to Be Alone
1.37 Bob Gallion O You Take the Table (And I'll Take the Chairs)
1.38 Jimmy Newman O Grin and Bear It
1.39 Johnny Cash O God Will
1.40 The Browns O Heaven Fell Last Night
1.41 Chet Atkins O Boo Boo Stick Beat
1.42 Brenda Lee O Weep No More My Baby
1.43 Ricky Nelson O Half Breed
1.44 Kitty Wells O Amigo's Guitar
1.45 Jimmy Newman O Walkin' Down the Road
1.46 Little Jimmy Dickens O Hey Ma (Hide the Daughter)
1.47 Johnny Ferguson O Angela Jones
1.48 Johnny Ferguson O Blue Serge and White Lace
1.49 Marvin Rainwater O Pale Faced Indian
1.50 The Browns O Halfway to Heaven
1.51 Bob Luman O Throwin' Kisses
1.52 The Everly Brothers O Why Not
1.53 The Everly Brothers O Ebony Eyes
1.54 Bobby Vee O Stayin' in
1.55 Mark Dinning O Top 40, News, Weather ; Sports
1.56 Scott Engel O Mr Jones
1.57 Johnny Duncan O Tobacco Road
1.58 Jimmy Bell O Lunch in a Bucket
1.59 Mark Dinning O Turn Me on
1.60 Sue Thompson O Sad Movies (Make Me Cry)
1.61 Connie Francis O (He's My) Dreamboat
1.62 Connie Francis O He's Just a Scientist (That's All)
1.63 Betty McQuade O Midnight Bus
1.64 Sue Thompson O Norman

John D. Loudermilk: Songs of John D. Loudermilk: Sittin' in the

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