John Doe

John Doe: Best of John Doe: This Far

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Artist: John Doe

Artist: John Doe
Title: Best of John Doe: This Far

John Doe is much more likely to look ahead to what's next, rather than fixate on the past - even a past as storied and influential as his own. Part scrapbook, part roadmap, THE BEST OF JOHN DOE: THIS FAR guides listeners through Doe's solo catalog. Compiled by Doe himself, the generous track listing encompasses nearly a quarter century, highlighting songs from from nine records on six different labels. Sequenced non-chronologically, THE BEST OF JOHN DOE: THIS FAR was compiled with four vinyl sides in mind. There was no formula: These are simply Doe's favorite moments, including in concert staples, pivotal collaborations, personal milestones, and even a pair of unreleased reexaminations of songs from his past.

1.1 Telephone By the Bed
1.2 Step Outside
1.3 Golden State
1.4 Catch Me
1.5 Take #52 [#]
1.6 Hwy 5
1.7 Safety
1.8 Love Knows
1.9 Never Enough
1.10 Poor Girl [#]
1.11 Forever for You
1.12 This Far
1.13 Twin Brother
1.14 7 Holes
1.15 Worried Brow
1.16 Faraway (From the North Country)
1.17 Grain of Salt
1.18 Beat-Up World
1.19 Dying to Get Home
1.20 Tragedy By Definition
1.21 Sueltame

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