Kandodo / McBain: Lost Chants / Last Chance

John McBain: Lost Chants / Last Chance
Title: Lost Chants / Last Chance
Label: Rooster

2016 release. A meeting of like minds surfing the sonic highways to tonal-oblivion, these four castaways on Sonic Island have delivered an album that evokes the long lost and revered genre drugrock-a true mind melt of acid abandonment! Purely visceral and pummeling workouts of krautrock and psychedelisch from these masters of the art, featuring an original Monster Magnet member and three of The Heads - this is pedigree not to be overlooked. Conceived by Simon Price, Wayne Maskell, Hugo Morgan and their US conspirator John McBain, these mutually appreciated riffs, drones and tones floated across the oceans (via the internet). They've created a modern masterpiece, straight from the off- Lost Chants/Last Chance has been hurled from riff valley, laden with trips aplenty, ready for fellow psychonauts to catch a sonic wave.

1.1 Blowed Out (45 RPM)
1.2 Holy Syke (45 RPM)
1.3 Megladon't (45 RPM)
1.4 Chant of the Ever Circling (Last Vulture) (45 RPM)
1.5 Pelagic Blue Haze (45 RPM)
2.1 Really Blown Out (33 RPM)
2.2 Holiest Syke (33 RPM)
2.3 Megladon't Ever (33 RPM)
2.4 Chant of the Ever So Slowly Circling (Last Vulture)(33 RPM)
2.5 Pelagic Deep Blue Haze (33 RPM)

Kandodo / McBain: Lost Chants / Last Chance

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