John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones: Zooma

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Product Type: CD
Artist: John Paul Jones

Artist: John Paul Jones
Title: Zooma

This "roaring and powerful" 9-track instrumental albums features Jones playing four-string, ten-string and 12-string basses, as well as bass lap steel, Kyma, Mandola, organ and guitars while also arranging and conducting members of the London Symphony Orchestra for one of the tracks. John Paul Jones envisions Zooma as the advent of an on-going solo career. He is keen to return to touring and a planned world tour will begin with major cities in fall. Track list includes: "Zooma," "Grind," "The Smile of Your Shadow," "Goose," "Bass 'n' Drums," "B. Fingers," "Snake Eyes," "Nosumi Blues," "Tidal"

1.1 Zooma
1.2 Grind
1.3 The Smile of Your Shadow
1.4 Goose
1.5 Bass 'N' Drums
1.6 B. Fingers
1.7 Snake Eyes
1.8 Nosumi Blues
1.9 Tidal

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