A.I.: A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (Original Soundtrack)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: A.I.

Title: A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Warner Records

John Williams's emotion and affecting score is the perfect pairing with the imaginative, involving and utterly heartbreaking world of A.I. David's journey of self-discovery and self-creation as an artificial boy is carried along by these brilliantly sympathetic songs. Featured artist Barbara Bonney. Track listing includes "The Mecha World," "Cybertronics," "Hide And Seek," plus lots more.

1.1 The Mecha World
1.2 Abandoned in the Woods
1.3 Replicas
1.4 Hide and Seek
1.5 For Always
1.6 Cybertronics
1.7 The Moon Rising
1.8 Stored Memories and Monica's Theme
1.9 Where Dreams Are Born
1.10 Rouge City
1.11 The Search for the Blue Fairy
1.12 The Reunion
1.13 For Always

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