Johnnie & Joe: I'll Be Spinning: The J & S Recordings

Johnnie & Joe: I&
Title: I'll Be Spinning: The J & S Recordings
Label: Ace Records UK

Johnnie & Joe were an R&B duo who hit the R&B charts three times, including the massive hit 'Over the Mountain' (R&B #3, Pop #8). Johnnie was Johnnie Richardson who ran the Dice label (the Clickettes) and she was the daughter of Zell Sanders whose J & S Label released the Baby Washington & Hearts discs - so all our J & S/Dice reissues tie in together. Includes their hits for J & S and Chess plus three previously unreleased items.

1.1 I'll Be Spinning
1.2 Over the Mountain, Across the Sea
1.3 Over the Mountain Part 2
1.4 My Baby's Gone, on on
1.5 Feel Alright
1.6 Darling
1.7 False Love Has Got to Go
1.8 Why, Oh Why
1.9 It Was There
1.10 My Baby's Gone (And Left Me)
1.11 Where Did She Go
1.12 Who Do You Love
1.13 Red Sails in the Sunset
1.14 If You Tell Me You're Mine
1.15 We Get That Feelin'
1.16 There Goes My Heart (On Fire for You)
1.17 Warm Soft and Lovely
1.18 I Was So Lonely
1.19 Why Did She Go
1.20 Across the Sea
1.21 Tell Me
1.22 You're the Loveliest Song I Ever Heard
1.23 Speak Softly Angel
1.24 You Can Always Count on Me
1.25 I Pray to Keep Our Love Strong
1.26 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Miss Johnnie)
1.27 Be Sure (Johnnie Richardson)
1.28 Sincere Love
1.29 Let Your Mind Do the Walking
1.30 Jamaica (Our Thing)

Johnnie & Joe: I'll Be Spinning: The J & S Recordings

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