Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash: Ragged Old Flag

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Artist: Johnny Cash

Artist: Johnny Cash
Title: Ragged Old Flag

In 1974, as the Bicentennial approached, Johnny was inspired to write a series of songs about life, family, and the American dream. It was the first time he'd written all of the songs for one of his abums. Remastered from the original source tapes, Ragged Old Flag is pure patriotism.

1.1 Ragged Old Flag
1.2 Don't Go Near the Water
1.3 All I Do Is Drive
1.4 Southern Comfort
1.5 King of the Hill
1.6 Pie in the Sky
1.7 Lonesome to the Bone
1.8 While I've Got It on My Mind
1.9 Good Morning, Friend
1.10 I'm a Worried Man
1.11 Please Don't Let Me Out
1.12 What on Earth Will You Do (For Heaven's Sake)

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