Johnny Horton

Johnny Horton: Take Me Like I Am-Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight

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Artist: Johnny Horton

Artist: Johnny Horton
Title: Take Me Like I Am-Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight

Johnny pumped the energy of rockabilly into honky-tonk music, making him the perfect addition to the Shake This Shack series. These aren't his story-songs that hit the pop charts; these are his best early hillbilly-bop and proto-rockabilly cuts-you'll find lots of rare gems from the vaults: Tennessee Jive; the Train with a Rhumba Beat; the Devil Made a Masterpiece; Big Wheels Rollin'; You, You, You; First Train Headed South ; an unissued version of Candy Jones, and more!

1.1 Take Me Like I Am
1.2 Tennessee Jive
1.3 Candy Jones [Acetate Version]
1.4 Smokey Joe's Barbecue
1.5 Two Red Lips and Warm Red Wine
1.6 The Devil Made a Masterpiece
1.7 S.S. Lureline
1.8 Shadows on the Old Bayou
1.9 Broken Hearted Gypsy
1.10 Bawlin' Baby (; Billy Barton)
1.11 Shotgun Boogie
1.12 No True Love
1.13 Ha Ha and Moonface
1.14 She Knows Why
1.15 You, You, You
1.16 The Train with the Rhumba Beat
1.17 You Don't Move Me Baby Anymore
1.18 Hey, Sweet, Sweet Thing
1.19 Move Down the Line
1.20 On the Banks of the Beautiful Nile
1.21 Mister Moonlight
1.22 Out in New Mexico
1.23 It's a Long Rocky Road [Overdub]
1.24 Talk Gobbler Talk (Old Gobbler, the Hound Dog) [Overdub]
1.25 In My Home in Shelby County [Overdub]
1.26 First Train Headin' South
1.27 Ridin' the Sunshine Special
1.28 I'll Do It Everytime
1.29 Seven Come Eleven
1.30 You're My Baby
1.31 Goodbye Lonesome, Hello Baby Doll
1.32 Rhythm in My Baby's Walk
1.33 Big Wheels Rollin'

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