Johnnie & Jack

Johnnie & Jack: At KWKH

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Johnnie & Jack

Title: At KWKH
Label: Bear Family

Here's a priceless document of early country radio. Johnnie & Jack (plus Johnnie's wife, Kitty Wells), went to KWKH, Shreveport, in 1948. Part of their income came from 15-minute sponsored radio shows and a few were recorded onto acetate. Miraculously, they've survived, and they're complete here. Songs include Orange Blossom Special, Singing Waterfall, My Bucket's Got A Hole In it, Death Of Little Kathy Fiscus, I Saw The Light, and He Will Set Your Fields On Fire.

1.1 Raining on the Mountain/Intro
1.2 Orange Blossom Special
1.3 White Dove
1.4 Singing Waterfall
1.5 Sweeping Through the Gate
1.6 Wake Up, Susan (Paul Warren)
1.7 Heard My Mother Weeping
1.8 My Bucket's Gotta Hold in It
1.9 This World Can't Stand
1.10 Cheatham County Breakdown
1.11 Death of Little Kathy Fiscus (Kitty Wells)
1.12 No Letter in the Mail Today
1.13 I Saw the Light
1.14 Mississippi Sawyer (Paul Warren)
1.15 Cotton- Eyed Joe
1.16 Little Cabin Home on the Hill
1.17 Love or Hate (Kitty Wells)
1.18 He Will Set Your Fields on Fire
1.19 It's Raining on the Mountain

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