Johnny Jewel

Johnny Jewel: The Other Side Of Midnight

$23.20 $26.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Johnny Jewel

Title: The Other Side Of Midnight
Label: Italians Do Better
Product Type: VINYL LP

PRESSED ON 180-GRAM ULTRA CLEAR DIPPED IN BLOOD VINYL (TWO-TONE)!!! JOHNNY JEWEL's epic instrumental "The Other Side of Midnight from the forthcoming Dear Tommy full-length. Dedicated To The Painters, Walkers, Drivers, Talkers, Directors, Riders... Designers, Shooters, Readers, Writers, Lurkers, Creepers, Cruisers, Sleepers... Givers, Takers, Movers, Shakers, Winners, Losers, Lovers, Fighters... Designed To Disintegrate With The World Around You. Your Life Is The Movie. Thank You For Listening.

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