Johnny Nash

Johnny Nash: Definitive Early LP Collection

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Artist: Johnny Nash

Artist: Johnny Nash
Title: Definitive Early LP Collection

2011 two CD collection. Johnny Nash may be remembered by some for the Reggae music he did in the early '70s and his hit "I Can See Clearly Now". Here though we focus on his early career with his first four albums all in glorious stereo plus a couple of singles. Includes 1957s hit, "A Very Special Love" plus "Almost in your Arms" and "As Time Goes By" from the Bogart movie Casablanca and many other great standards. It's nice to know that in this day and age there are still discoveries to be made of great recordings that have been hidden away. We believe you will think this Johnny Nash collection is one such treasure. Jasmine.

1.1 Imagination
1.2 Like Someone in Love
1.3 I Had the Craziest Dream
1.4 It's Always You
1.5 Midnight Moonlight
1.6 Here I Am Broken Hearted
1.7 My Foolish Heart
1.8 Darn That Dream
1.9 I Wish I Knew
1.10 For All We Know
1.11 I Dream of You
1.12 That's All
1.13 I Got a Robe
1.14 Bless This House
1.15 I Want Jesus to Walk with Me
1.16 The Eyes of God
1.17 The Prayer of St. Francis (Of Assisi)
1.18 I Believe
1.19 Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
1.20 I See God
1.21 Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen
1.22 Be the Good Lord Willing
1.23 I Heard of a City Called Heaven
1.24 The Lord's Prayer
1.25 I Got Rhythm
1.26 You're Driving Me Crazy
1.27 Jeepers Creepers
1.28 's Wonderful
1.29 Baby Won't You Please Come Home
1.30 Looking for a Girl
1.31 And the Angels Sing
1.32 I'm Beginning to See the Light
1.33 I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
1.34 It's All Right with Me
1.35 (You've Got) the Love I Love
1.36 Baby, Baby, Baby
1.37 Let's Get Lost
1.38 That's My Desire
1.39 Take Me Away from the Crowd
1.40 Together
1.41 Lost in a Trance
1.42 Let's Fly Away
1.43 Penthouse Serenade
1.44 Let's Drop Out of Sight
1.45 Alone Together
1.46 The Love Nest
1.47 Let the Rest of the World Go By
1.48 Let's Go Home
1.49 We Kissed
1.50 (Looks Like) the End of the World
1.51 A Very Special Love
1.52 Teenage Prayer

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