Johnny Otis: On with the Show: Story V2 1957 - 1974

Johnny Otis: On with the Show: Story V2 1957 - 1974
Title: On with the Show: Story V2 1957 - 1974
Label: Ace Records UK

2012 release, the second part of Ace Records' two-volume salute to the godfather of Rhythm & Blues. This collection picks up from where Midnight in the Barrelhouse left off, covering the years 1959-1976. Johnny found that he was fighting a losing battle as R&B began to get pushed off the charts by early '60s Pop and, subsequently, Mersey Beat. But he still made great music whether the public bought it or not, and on with the Show contains many of the most enduring Otis classics in Johnny's massive catalog, such as 'Castin' My Spell', 'Crazy Country Hop' and 'Mumblin' Mosie'. The second half of the CD chronicles Johnny's creative renaissance via the 1969 Cold Shot album and it's chart single 'Country Girl'. It also features early groundbreaking performances by his teenage son and nascent guitar hero, Shuggie and several cuts that have latterly become much played rarities on the Funk and Jazz scenes. Ace.

1.1 Johnny Otis Theme *
1.2 Golly Golly *
1.3 Mumblin' Mosie *
1.4 Cold Turkey *
1.5 Castin' My Spell *
1.6 I'm with You *
1.7 The New Bo Diddley
1.8 Jelly Roll
1.9 Crazy Country Hop *
1.10 Baby I Got News for You
1.11 Let's Live It Up
1.12 Hand Jive One More Time
1.13 Keep the Faith, Baby Part Two *
1.14 Banana Peels *
1.15 The Signifyin' Monkey *
1.16 Country Girl *
1.17 Cold Shot *
1.18 Goin' Back to L.A. *
1.19 The Watts Breakaway *
1.20 I Got the Walkin' Blues *
1.21 Barrelhouse Blues *
1.22 Cuttin' Up *
1.23 Jaws
1.24 Bye Bye Baby (Until We Meet Again) *

Johnny Otis: On with the Show: Story V2 1957 - 1974

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