Johnny Thunders

Johnny Thunders: After the Dolls: 1977-1987

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Artist: Johnny Thunders

Artist: Johnny Thunders
Title: After the Dolls: 1977-1987

CD Tracks: Chinese Rocks, Pirate Love, London Boys, Short Lives - (Johnny's remix), Baby Talk, One Track Mind, I Was Born to Cry - (with Patti Palladin), Too Much Junkie Business, Goin' Steady, Little Bit of Whore, Uptown to Harlem - (with Patti Palladin)

1.1 Chinese Rocks
1.2 Pirate Love
1.3 London Boys
1.4 Short Lives (Johnny's Remix)
1.5 Baby Talk
1.6 One Track Mind
1.7 I Was Born to Cry
1.8 Too Much Junkie Business
1.9 Goin' Steady
1.10 Little Bit of Whore
1.11 Uptown to Harlem
1.12 Born to Lose
1.13 Cool Operator
1.14 M.I.A
1.15 Get Off the Phone
1.16 Treat Her Right
1.17 Blame It on Mom
1.18 I Only Wrote This Song for You
1.19 Endless Party
2.1 Marky Ramone Talks About the Ramones ; the NY Dolls [DVD]
2.2 Johnny Thunders Video [DVD]
2.3 Ramones Mania [DVD]

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