Jolie Holland

Jolie Holland: Wine Dark Sea

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Jolie Holland

Artist: Jolie Holland
Title: Wine Dark Sea
Product Type: VINYL LP

WINE DARK SEA yokes the New York underground to American song in a way that has rarely been attempted since WHITE LIGHT/WHITE HEAT by the Velvet Underground. Two drummers, sometimes as many as three or four electric guitars, horns of a sort that come out of free jazz and the No Wave scene as much as they come from soul music, and a refreshing need, on Holland's part, to sing out at the extreme of her range, above the squalling insatiable lullaby of the thing. WINE DARK SEA is the album of a lifetime, with a lifetime of work in it.

1.1 On and on
1.2 First Sign of Spring
1.3 Dark Days
1.4 Route 30
1.5 I Thought It Was the Moon
1.6 The Love You Save
1.7 All the Love
1.8 Saint Dymphna
1.9 Palm Wine Drunkard
1.10 Out on the Wine Dark Sea
1.11 Waiting for the Sun

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