Jon Brooks

Jon Brooks: No One Travels Alone

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jon Brooks

Title: No One Travels Alone
Label: Borealis Recording

2018 release. Jon Brooks' sixth album, No One Travels Alone, accomplishes something truly interesting in modern songwriting: borrowing from the Elizabethan sonneteers, the album fulfils a corona of songs. Corona form interconnects each song by first and last lines - the last line of the first song is the first line of the following song, etc... until the final song completes a circle, or corona. This brilliant set of songs from Jon are interconnected, as are we; thus it is: No One Travels Alone.

1.1 0 1
1.2 All Life's Meaning
1.3 Proxima B
1.4 Todos Caminamos Por Este Caminito
1.5 Standing at the Gates
1.6 Most Things Don't Work Out
1.7 The Wow! Signal
1.8 Song of the Mournful World
1.9 Gulfport, Ms
1.10 The Later Greater Embarrassment
1.11 St. Silouan's Prayer

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