Jonathan Edwards: Tomorrow's Child

Jonathan Edwards: Tomorrow&
Title: Tomorrow's Child
Label: Rising Records 207

2015 album from the veteran singer/songwriter. Tomorrow's Child is arguably his most personal album to date. Edwards examines the pivotal moments of his life as he seeks an answer. In the end, Tomorrow's Child is underscored by Edwards' forward-thinking optimism. Produced by celebrated acoustic master, Darrell Scott, Edwards' performances are backed by such noted names as Vince Gill, Shawn Colvin, Alison Krauss, John Cowan, Jerry Douglas and Kenny Malone among others. But it is Edwards' own heart-on-the-sleeve delivery that makes Tomorrow's Child so compelling. "Many of these songs are inspired by and centered around family dynamics," the enduring troubadour says. "It's about the ins and outs of separation and reuniting. There's a certain psychology and spirit and soul within families and their various components in this ever-changing world of ours, and the music we created and selected reflects these many colors and feelings."

1.1 Down in the Woods
1.2 Tomorrow's Child
1.3 Sandy Girl
1.4 Mole in the Ground
1.5 The Girl from the Canyon
1.6 This Old Guitar
1.7 Mamaw
1.8 Hard Times
1.9 Gracie
1.10 Ain't Got Time
1.11 Jonny's Come Home

Jonathan Edwards: Tomorrow's Child

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