Jonathan Kusuma

Jonathan Kusuma: Gong 3000

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Artist: Jonathan Kusuma

Artist: Jonathan Kusuma
Title: Gong 3000
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

I'm a Cliche's latest release features Indonesia's best-kept secret, Jonathan Kusuma. On the Gong 3000 EP, tracks range from the heavenly to the downright gritty, showcasing the full range of Kusuma's abilities. "The Grand Search" features an endless vertical ascension fueled by an exhilarating groove, as majestic as it is ecstatic. "Gong 3000" is built around the massive sound of a synthetic gong, with a grumbling bass line and ricochet drums. On "Street Siren," a devastating peak-time weapon, Kusuma uses siren sounds, a ruthless rhythm section, and intoxicating synths to create a colossal track, accompanied by Karamika's brooding industrial remix.

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