Jones, George / Wynette, Tammy

Jones, George / Wynette, Tammy: The President And The First Lady

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Artist: Jones, George / Wynette, Tammy
Title: The President And The First Lady
Product Type: VINYL LP

Archive collection of classic tracks by the country music legend. Includes 'We're Gonna Hold On', 'Someone I Used To Know', 'Two Story House' and more.

1.1 We're Gonna Hold on
1.2 Two Story House
1.3 Take Me
1.4 The Ceremony
1.5 Old Fashioned Singing
1.6 (We're Not) the Jet Set
1.7 We Loved It That Way
1.8 God's Gonna Get 'Cha (For That)
1.9 Someone I Used to Know
1.10 Livin' on Easy Street
1.11 Golden Ring
1.12 After Closing Time
1.13 Something to Brag About
1.14 We'll Talk About It Later
1.15 Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms
1.16 Near You
1.17 Southern California
1.18 Let's Build a World Together
1.19 After the Fire Is Gone
1.20 If We Don't Make It

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