Joni Haastrup

Joni Haastrup: Wake Up Your Mind

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Artist: Joni Haastrup

Artist: Joni Haastrup
Title: Wake Up Your Mind

Digitally re-mastered edition of this 1978 album from the Nigerian musician. Laced with Funk basslines, swirling keyboards and screaming guitars, this is Joni's most 'western' record but at the same time unmistakably of the African origin. From the slow-motion Disco of 'Greetings' to the stone cold groove of 'Watch Out' to the Reuben Wilson style Funk of 'Free My People', Joni was soaking up the sounds of the times and blending them with the music of his roots.

1.1 Free My People
1.2 Greetings
1.3 Wake Up Your Mind
1.4 Champions and Superstars
1.5 Do the "Funkro"
1.6 Watch Out

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