Joni James

Joni James: Very Best of Joni James 1951-62: All Hits & More

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Artist: Joni James

Artist: Joni James
Title: Very Best of Joni James 1951-62: All Hits & More

Joni James was a hugely successful American recording artist of the 1950s and '60s, and was one of the few singers who were able to maintain the momentum of her career through from the middle-of-the-road pop era of the early '50s through into the post-rock 'n' roll era of the later decade and beyond. So popular was she in the early '50s that she twice had four records in the Top 10 simultaneously. She brought country material into the pop chart, making the Top 5 with "Your Cheatin' Heart" while it's composer, Hank Williams, was topping the country chart, and she helped introduce the "concept" album with her first LP "Let There Be Love". Indeed, she was one of the first artists to concentrate on the album market, successfully releasing at least four a year through the '50s, including her "100 Strings & Joni" series, recorded at London's Abbey Road studios. She suddenly retired from the business in the early '60s to look after her seriously ill husband, but has returned to performing in recent decades. This great value 54-track collection focuses on her singles, and includes all the 40 or more A and B sides which made one or other configuration of the charts, plus selected other A sides, including tracks which came from the then current album releases. It's a highly entertaining showcase for an artist who has perhaps not received the global recognition she merits.

1.1 Let There Be Love
1.2 You Belong To Me
1.3 Why Don't You Believe Me'
1.4 Purple Shades
1.5 You're My Everything
1.6 Have You Heard'
1.7 Wishing Ring
1.8 Your Cheatin' Heart
1.9 bw I'll Be Waiting For You (Non-album track)
1.10 Almost Always
1.11 Is It Any Wonder
1.12 My Love, My Love
1.13 You're Fooling Someone
1.14 I'll Never Stand In Your Way
1.15 Why Can't I
1.16 Nina Noni
1.17 Maybe Next Time
1.18 Am I In Love
1.19 In A Garden Of Roses
1.20 Every Day
1.21 Mama Don't Cry At My Wedding
1.22 Pa Pa Pa
1.23 When We Come Of Age
1.24 The Moment I Saw You
1.25 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
1.26 How Important Can It Be'
1.27 Is This the End of the Line
1.28 Disc 2:
2.1 When You Wish Upon A Star
2.2 You Are My Love
2.3 My Believing Heart
2.4 Don't Tell Me Not To Love You
2.5 I Woke Up Crying
2.6 Give Us This Day
2.7 How Lucky You Are
2.8 Love Letters
2.9 Danny Boy
2.10 Only Trust Your Heart
2.11 Summer Love
2.12 There Goes My Heart
2.13 There Must Be A Way
2.14 I Still Get A Thrill
2.15 I Still Get Jealous
2.16 Are You Sorry'
2.17 Little Things Mean A Lot
2.18 I Laughed At Love
2.19 I Need You Now
2.20 We Know
2.21 My Last Date (With You)
2.22 Be My Love
2.23 I Gave My Love
2.24 I Almost Lost My Mind
2.25 Tender and True
2.26 You Are My Sunshine
2.27 Anyone But Her

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