Jonny Teardrop

Jonny Teardrop: No Problemo

$23.20 $26.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Jonny Teardrop

Title: No Problemo
Label: Rouge Mecanique Musi
Product Type: VINYL LP

No Problemo is Jonny Teardrop's first physical album release. Inspired by Native American peyote songs, Jonny uses his Jaguar as a bass, drum samples from obscure Japanese crust punk songs, and charges through 13 brief songs, snapping audible Polaroids and conjuring fragments of memories. A short movie made of 13 scenes, written by Jonny himself and directed by Louis Vignat, will be presented alongside the album. The 13 videos will act as an introduction to Jonny's weird and complex universe; a door that won't be easily closed once opened. 180 gram vinyl with a secret locked groove with access to a free downloadable EP.

1.1 Shave My Head
1.2 Shotgun
1.3 4Am
1.4 Secret Death
1.5 No Mercy
1.6 Gluey World
1.7 Suburb Kid
2.1 The Room
2.2 Eden Rebel
2.3 Dodge
2.4 Fragment
2.5 Internal Server Error
2.6 So I Trudged Upstairs
2.7 Secret Locked Groove

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