Jooklo Trio

Jooklo Trio: It Is What It Is

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jooklo Trio

Title: It Is What It Is
Label: Relative Pitch

Jooklo Trio - It Is What It Is - Recorded at GSI Studios in Manhattan at the end of August, 2018, this limited edition CDR captures what is sure to become a legendary coupling. Genta and her long-time-partner-in-crime David Vanzan plus one Brandon Lopez, all amasse under the moniker Jooklo Trio. As you can imagine the meeting plays out like a stellar collision, their sonic masses caught in an accelerating spiral and merged in a blast of power and intensity. Amplification, feedback, and distortion play a big part here, adding oxygen to the fire and making it roar with a white-hot blast furnace of free-jazz-punk energy. Lopez's sledgehammer bass playing is saturated in fuzz, and made all the more crushing by Vanzan's energetic avalanche of percussion. Genta's amplified tenor and sopranino saxophones light up their suffocating murk like rooster tails of sparks flying off the grinding wheel.

1.1 Last Parasites
1.2 Cripple Eye
1.3 Toxic Spit
1.4 Smile Of Insanity
1.5 Trash Over Rice
1.6 Sh!tty Kid

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