Jorje Daher: Pre-Columbian Instruments of Mexico

Jorje Daher: Pre-Columbian Instruments of Mexico
Title: Pre-Columbian Instruments of Mexico
Label: Folkways Records

Scientific research into the use of musical instruments in Pre-Columbian Mexico is only 30 years old. 'Pre- Columbian' referred, originally, to artifacts made by the Indians of the Western Hemisphere prior to the discovery of America. Now the word refers to such artifacts made before the time that Western culture influenced Indian culture in any specific area. Thus, in Mexico, Pre-Columbian refers to anytime prior to 1521, the approximate year when Cortes conquered the Aztecs... Lilian Mendelssohn, Pablo Castellanos and Miles Lourie.

1.1 Air Drum, Pre-Classic (Colima)
1.2 Air Drum (Gulf Culture)
1.3 Mirliton, Transverse (Zapotecean)
1.4 Transverse Flute, Two Orifices (Olmecan Culture)
1.5 Transverse Flute, with Grain and Oral Centralization, Two Orifices
1.6 Transverse Flute and Mirliton (Zapotecean)
1.7 Peak, No Orifices, One Sound (Gulf Culture)
1.8 Peak, Two Orifices, Three Sounds (Nayarit)
1.9 Peak, Two Orifices, Four Sounds (Maya)
1.10 Peak, No Orifices, Two Sounds, Double Chamber (Olmeca)
1.11 Peak, No Orifices, Large Airduct, One Sound (Gulf)
1.12 Peak, One Orifice, Large Airduct, Two Sounds (Gulf)
1.13 Peak, Mirliton (Aztec)
1.14 Large Whistle: Voice of Owl (Zapotecean)
1.15 Water Whistle: Voice of a Bird (Zapotecean)
1.16 Whistle: Call a Young Deer (Gulf Culture)
1.17 Whistle of Compression: Sound of the Wind (Gulf Culture)
1.18 Whistle of Compression: Sound of Storm (Gulf Culture)
1.19 Whistle with Built-In Chickpea: Sound of Flying Bird
1.20 Whistling Vessel with Water: Voice of a Chicken (Nayarit)
1.21 Whistle with Built-In Rattle: Gulf Culture
1.22 Great Whistle, Two Orifices, Chinesco (Nayarit)
1.23 Double Whistle, No Orifices, Pre-Classic
1.24 Double Whistle, Two Orifices (One in Each Chamber): Voice of Macaw, Pre-Classic
1.25 Double Whistle, Four Orifices (Two in Each Chamber): Voice of Lizard, Pre-Classic
1.26 Double Whistle, Built-In Chickpea, Pre-Classic
1.27 Double Whistle, Built-In Grain, Pre-Classic
1.28 Triple Whistle (Three Channels): Form of Bird (Gulf Culture)
1.29 Triple Channel Whistle: Form of Gander (Gulf Culture)
1.30 Double Whistle (Tlatilco Culture)
1.31 Ocarine, Transverse, Three Orifices, Tetraphonic Scale (Maya)
1.32 Ocarine, Transverse, Three Orifices, Hexaphonic Scale (Gulf)
1.33 Ocarine, Transverse, Three Orifices, Hexaphonic Scale (Gulf Culture)
1.34 Peak, Three Orifices, Tetraphonic Scale (Michoacan)
1.35 Peak, Three Orifices, Tetraphonic Scale, Shrill Sound (Michoacan)
1.36 Transverse, Four Orifices, Pentaphonic Scale, Pre-Classic
1.37 Peak, Two Orifices, Built on Wheels, Five Sounds (Gulf Culture)
1.38 Peak, Six Orifices, Turtle Form, Heptaphonic Scale (Michoacan)
1.39 Four Orifices, Crossed Fingering (Huastecean Culture)
1.40 Free Intonation in the Manual Control (Gulf Culture)
1.41 Free Intonation in the Oral Control (Gulf Culture)
1.42 Peak, Three Orifices, Double Chamber (Olmecean)
1.43 Peak, Four Orifices, Pentaphonic Scale (Michaecan)
1.44 Peak, Four Orifices, Pentaphonic Scale (Colima)
1.45 Peak, Three Orifices, Pentaphonic Scale (Micheacan)
1.46 Small, Pentaphonic Scale (Chupicuare Culture)
1.47 Pentaphonic Scale (Maya)
1.48 Pentaphonic Scale (Chupicuare, Micheacan)
1.49 Pentaphonic Scale (Micheacan)
1.50 Double Ocarine, 2 X 1 Orifice (Gulf Culture)
1.51 Double Ocarine, 2 X 2 Orifice (Chupicuare, Micheacan)
1.52 Double Ocarine, 2 X 3 Orifice, Pre-Classic
1.53 Double Ocarine, 2 X 3 Orifice (Olmeca)
2.1 Flute, Pentaphonic Scale with Harmonics (Colima)
2.2 Flute, Pentaphonic Scale, Narrow Outlet (Teothiuacan)
2.3 Flute, Three Orifices, Jade, Quena (Olmeca)
2.4 Flute, Aeolian Sound (Aztec)
2.5 Flute, Double Orifices, Heptaphonic Scale (Jalisco)
2.6 Flute, Five Orifices, Black Clay (Tarascean)
2.7 Flute, Pentaphonic Scale, Mixquic (Aztec)
2.8 Flute, Pentaphonic Scale, Mirliton (Aztec)
2.9 Flute, Heptaphonic Scale, No Harmonics (Gulf Culture)
2.10 Flute, One Orifice, Transverse, Pentaphonic (Gulf Culture)
2.11 Flute, One Orifice, Straight, Pentaphonic (Gulf Culture)
2.12 Flute, with Piston (Gulf Culture)
2.13 Flute of Bone, Pentaphonic, Lingual Mouthpiece (Jaina)
2.14 Flute, Octaphonic Scale (Jaina)
2.15 Flute, Chromatic Scale (Jaina)
2.16 Flute, Chromatic Scale (Tolteca)
2.17 Flute, Compression (Maya)
2.18 Flute, Compression, Shrill Sound (Maya)
2.19 Flute, Free Intonation, Hand Movement (Nayarit)
2.20 Flute, Pentaphonic Scale, No Harmonics, Harsh (Colima)
2.21 Flute, Tetraphonic, Small (Nayarit)
2.22 Double Flute, 2 X 2 Orifices (Colima)
2.23 Double Flute, 3 X 3 Orifices (Colima)
2.24 Double Flute, 4 X 4 Orifices (Colima)
2.25 Double Flute, Piston (Gulf Culture)
2.26 Triple Flute (Maya)
2.27 Triple Flute (Gulf Culture)
2.28 Triple Flute (Gulf Culture)
2.29 Trumpet, Clay (Teothiuacan)
2.30 Trumpet, Clay (Guerrero)
2.31 Trumpet, Vessel (Maya)
2.32 Sea Shell (Colima)
2.33 Shell, Clay (Colima)
2.34 Shell, Clay, Variable Sound (Veracruz)
2.35 Shell, Clay (Veracruz)
2.36 Sea Shell (Colima)

Jorje Daher: Pre-Columbian Instruments of Mexico

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