Jorma Kaukonen

Jorma Kaukonen: Stars in My Crown

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jorma Kaukonen

Title: Stars in My Crown
Label: Red House

Jorma's exploration of inventive American music began in 1965 backing Janis Joplin and later with classic bands Jefferson Airplace & Hot Tuna. Jorma continues the musical journey cooking up this tasty collection of down-home country blues, gospel and bluegrass, produced by Byron House.

1.1 Heart Temporary
1.2 Fur Peace Rag
1.3 By the Rivers of Babylon
1.4 Living in the Moment
1.5 Late Breaking News
1.6 Come Back Baby
1.7 Mighty Hard Pleasure
1.8 No Demon
1.9 There's a Table Sitting in Heaven
1.10 When the Man Comes Around
1.11 A Life Well Lived
1.12 Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown?
1.13 Preacher Picked the Guitar
1.14 Will There By Any Stars in My Crown? (Instrumental)

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