Josef Josef: Josef Josef

Josef Josef: Josef Josef
Title: Josef Josef
Label: Buda Musique

Josef Josef's first album consists of twelve songs, six of which are in Yiddish. It also includes gypsy songs, traditional pieces from Russia and the Balkans (Serbia, Moldova), and original compositions. These five musicians and singers come from the former group Les Yeux Noirs. The violin interacts with the guitar and the accordion, and, in a less traditional way, with the drums and the bass.

1.1 Chelipe
1.2 Unter Ayne Vayse Shtern
1.3 Opinca-Hora de Mana
1.4 A Glezele Lekhaym
1.5 Sila Kale Bal
1.6 Hora Lui Buica
1.7 Sheyn VI Di Levone
1.8 Zvekansko Kolo
1.9 Gene Roma
1.10 Brontshele
1.11 VI Zaynen Mayne Zibn Guite Yur
1.12 Josef Tanz

Josef Josef: Josef Josef

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