Josh One: What's Going On? (feat. Demetrius Rhymes & Eighty

Josh One: What&
Title: What's Going On? (feat. Demetrius Rhymes & Eighty
Label: Boomnote Music
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Josh One releases What's Going On?" lead single and title track off his forthcoming EP featuring Demetrius Rhymes, formerly Chicago-based MC ADaD and Eighty Bugg. Current and concurrent, the song is about what's going on and ongoing," Josh One says of the present-day turmoil and shifting tides of the country. The track's dark and powerful undertone takes listeners on a cinematic journey challenging contemporary themes of complacency and collective hardship from a now more-than-ever broken system. The defining Rhodes theme gives way to haunting vocals under Demetrius' precise lyricism confronting the today's headlines that beg the song title's question. Offering one of the best verses in his heralded career, What's Going On?" addresses these troubling times," set to the award-winning producer/DJ's genre-blurring production packed with intricate layers of head nodding MPC drum programming, electric guitar riffs and powerful synth lines backed by live instrumentation and scratching.

1.1 What's Going On? (Feat. Demetrius Rhymes ; Eighty Bugg)
1.2 What's Going On? (Instrumental)

Josh One: What's Going On? (feat. Demetrius Rhymes & Eighty

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