Josh Ritter: Sermon on the Rocks

Josh Ritter: Sermon on the Rocks
Title: Sermon on the Rocks
Label: Pytheas Recordings

2015 release from the Americana singer, songwriter, guitarist and author. Produced by Ritter and Trina Shoemaker (Queens of the Stone Age, Emmylou Harris), Sermon On the Rocks was recorded in two weeks at The Parlor Recording Studio in New Orleans. It is Josh's most confident, freewheeling record to date. "I wanted to make something grand. I wanted it to swing hard. I wanted to peek through deaths keyhole. I wanted my monster to run." -Josh Ritter. Over the course of his acclaimed career, Ritter has released seven full-length albums, including his most recent, 2013's The Beast In It's Tracks, which debuted at #22 on the Billboard 200 and #8 on the Top Rock Albums chart.

1.1 Birds of the Meadow
1.2 Young Moses
1.3 Henrietta, Indiana
1.4 Getting Ready to Get Down
1.5 Seeing Me Round
1.6 Where the Night Goes
1.7 Cumberland
1.8 Homecoming
1.9 The Stone
1.10 A Big Enough Sky
1.11 Lighthouse Fire
1.12 My Man on a Horse (Is Here)
2.1 Birds of the Meadow (Home Recording)
2.2 Young Moses (Home Recording)
2.3 Henrietta, Indiana (Home Recording)
2.4 Getting Ready to Get Down (Home Recording)
2.5 Seeing Me Around (Home Recording)
2.6 Where the Night Goes (Home Recording)
2.7 Cumberland (Home Recording)
2.8 Homecoming (Home Recording)
2.9 The Stone (Home Recording)
2.10 A Big Enough Sky (Home Recording)
2.11 Lighthouse Fire (Home Recording)
2.12 My Man on a Horse (Is Here) (Home Recording)

Josh Ritter: Sermon on the Rocks

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