Josh Rouse

Josh Rouse: Josh Rouse and The Long Vacations

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Artist: Josh Rouse

Artist: Josh Rouse
Title: Josh Rouse and The Long Vacations

Josh Rouse's new album, his ninth overall, with the simple title, Josh Rouse and the Long Vacations, alludes to both his history and what is to come. Joining him for this excursion is tow native Spaniards Cayo Bellvessr and Xema Fuertes, who accent these songs in an exquisite manner unlike any other previous releases.

1.1 Diggin' in the Sand
1.2 Movin' on
1.3 Fine Fine
1.4 To the Clock, to the City
1.5 Bluebird St
1.6 Lazy Days
1.7 Oh, Look What the Sun Did!
1.8 Friend
1.9 Disguise

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