Journey: Greatest Hits

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Artist: Journey

Artist: Journey
Title: Greatest Hits

Along with Styx and REO Speedwagon, Journey ruled the charts and radio airwaves in the early '80s. And like the aforementioned bands, Journey began in the '70s, so obviously the compilers of it's 1988 GREATEST HITS release had a lot of material to choose from. Journey's sound was a merger of hard rock, compliments of guitarist Neal Schon, and the melodic pop/ballads of singer Steve Perry. This resulted in such classic rock radio staples as "Any Way You Want It", "Separate Ways", "Open Arms", "Don't Stop Believing'", "Wheel in the Sky", and "Who's Crying Now", all included here.

1.1 Only the Young
1.2 Don't Stop Believin'
1.3 Wheel in the Sky
1.4 Faithfully
1.5 I'll Be Alright Without You
1.6 Any Way You Want It
1.7 Ask the Lonely
1.8 Who's Crying Now
1.9 Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
1.10 Lights
1.11 Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
1.12 Open Arms
1.13 Girl Can't Help It
1.14 Send Her My Love
1.15 Be Good to Yourself

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