Ju: Summa

Ju: Summa
Title: Summa
Label: Rarenoise Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 160GM Vinyl. Following the success of their acclaimed RareNoise debut, 2014's Jü Meets Møster (a killer collaboration with renowned Norwegian saxophonist Kjetil Møster) the experimental Budapest-based trio of guitarist Ádám Mészáros, bassist Ernö Hock and drummer András Halmos once again bridges hellacious free jazz, throbbing hardcore rock and spacious world and ambient music on their ecstatic, envelope-pushing opus, Summa. Alternately calm (the 12-minute "Jimma Blue") and crushing ("Mongrel Mangrove," "My Heart Is Somewhere Else" and the blistering title track), Summa stands as another powerful manifesto against complacency by the renegade trio. Møster does appear as special guest alongside celebrated Hungarian electroacoustic composer Bálint Bolcsó on the expansive 12-minute track "Partir," providing a bridge to the first album.

1.1 Lady Klimax
1.2 Socotra
1.3 Summa
1.4 Keltner
1.5 Partir (Featuring Kjetil Mester, Balint Bolcso)
1.6 My Heart Is Somewhere Else
1.7 Jimma Blue
1.8 Mongrel Mangrove (Featuring Borose Levente)
1.9 Sinus Begena

Ju: Summa

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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