Juan Carmona

Juan Carmona: Alchemya

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Artist: Juan Carmona

Artist: Juan Carmona
Title: Alchemya

Seldom has an album lived up so well to it's name. With each track, crafted with the utmost care and featuring a whole host of superb guest stars, Juan Carmona blends the flamenco music so dear to his heart with flavors of Jazz and World Music. At times very outward-looking, at times introspective, with Alchemya he brings his art to a new level and paints a bold self-portrait underpinned by rich variety, freedom, the pleasure of new discovery and exceptionally high standards. Carmona truly is an alchemist who has found the philosopher's stone by focusing on the music alone.

1.1 Africando
1.2 Mambo Influenciado
1.3 No Espero Nada
1.4 Karma
1.5 Altana
1.6 Creer en la Primavera
1.7 Santiago City
1.8 Sirena
1.9 Miami
1.10 Sombra en la Pared

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