Judas Priest: Nostradamus

Judas Priest: Nostradamus
Title: Nostradamus
Label: Epic

Their new album NOSTRADAMUS takes epic storytelling to a whole new level, as it recounts the life of this mysterious, world-known 16th Century French Prophet. This CD contains an insert with an exclusive code for 1 free general admission ticket to Judas Priest on the Metal Masters Tour this summer.

1.1 Dawn of Creation
1.2 Prophecy
1.3 Awakening
1.4 Revelations
1.5 The Four Horseman
1.6 War
1.7 Sands of Time
1.8 Pestilence and Plaque
1.9 Death
1.10 Peace
1.11 Conquest
1.12 Lost Love
1.13 Persecution
2.1 Solitude
2.2 Exiled
2.3 Alone
2.4 Shadows in the Flame
2.5 Visions
2.6 Hope
2.7 New Beginnings
2.8 Calm Before the Storm
2.9 Nostradamus
2.10 Future of Mankind

Judas Priest: Nostradamus

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