Judy Garland

Judy Garland: Sings Harold Arlen

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Judy Garland

Title: Sings Harold Arlen
Label: JSP

Having first sung Harold Arlen tunes - including the evergreen classic Over The Rainbow - in M-G-M's 'The Wizard of Oz', Judy Garland continued to sing his songs, many of which became standards. Includes a nearly released performance from 'A Star Is Born'

1.1 Overture from a Star Is Born
1.2 Over the Rainbow
1.3 The Jitterbug
1.4 Buds Wont Bud
1.5 Blues in the Night
1.6 That Old Black Magic
1.7 Over the Rainbow
1.8 Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe
1.9 Come Rain or Come Shine
1.10 Last Night When We Were Young
1.11 Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home
1.12 I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues
1.13 Down with Love
1.14 Stormy Weather
1.15 The Man That Got Away
1.16 Come Rain or Come Shine
1.17 Over the Rainbow
1.18 Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe
1.19 The Jitterbug
1.20 Over the Rainbow
1.21 Buds Wont Bud
1.22 Last Night When We Were Young
1.23 Get Happy
2.1 Heres What Im Here for
2.2 Gotta Have Me Go with You
2.3 The Man That Got Away
2.4 Someone at Last
2.5 It's a New World
2.6 Lose That Long Face
2.7 Little Drops of Rain
2.8 Take My Hand Paree
2.9 Paris Is a Lonely Town
2.10 Roses Red, Violets Blue
2.11 I Could Go on Singin (Till the Cows Come Home)
2.12 Gods Country
2.13 That Old Black Magic
2.14 Over the Rainbow
2.15 Get Happy
2.16 Over the Rainbow
2.17 Lose That Long Face: With Monette Moore
2.18 When the Sun Comes Out
2.19 The Man That Got Away
2.20 It's a New World
2.21 Get Happy
2.22 Over the Rainbow

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