Jukebox Zeros

Jukebox Zeros: Rock and Roll Ronin

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Artist: Jukebox Zeros

Artist: Jukebox Zeros
Title: Rock and Roll Ronin

"Almost single-handedly keeping the Rock and Roll flame alive in a city known more for greasy sandwiches than smoking riffs, Philadelphia's Jukebox Zeros are a diamond in the rough. Over the course of 6 years, the band have maintained a level of excellence that is head and shoulders above other groups in the 'garage rock' game. On their latest release Rock & Roll Ronin, the band present themselves as wandering samurais on a mission to garner the respect they deserve, and rightfully so. For those who have had the honor to see these four masters (Peter, Rob, Brian, and Justin) perform live, the truth is obvious: No one brings traditional American Rock and Roll in a tight, explosive package like Jukebox Zeros." - Scott "Deluxe" Drake. Recorded in the band's secret headquarters in the trash-strewn alleyways and dimly-lit corners of South Philly, each of ROCK & ROLL RONIN's songs were (un)produced by the JUKEBOX ZEROS in few takes-live and raw. The show flier-covered walls and patchwork, beer-stain carpeted floor offered the only soundproofing to keep the sonic assault from spillin' out into the street. ROCK & ROLL RONIN is the band's first release for Rankoutsider Records, the California record label headed up by Pat Todd (legendary frontman of Lazy Cowgirls).

1.1 1-2-3-4
1.2 Can't Catch Me
1.3 Lawsuit Guitars
1.4 Science of Rock and Roll
1.5 Surfin' Armageddon
1.6 Rockaria!

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