Julie Andrews: Our Fair Lady: Divine Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews: Our Fair Lady: Divine Julie Andrews
Title: Our Fair Lady: Divine Julie Andrews
Label: Memory Lane

2015 three CD collection containing classic recordings hand-picked from the career of one of the entertainment world's greatest ever stars. It's the amazing crystal clear four-octave Andrews voice that takes center stage in these beautiful interpretations of some of the finest film and theater songs ever written, from Rodgers and Hammerstein showstoppers like 'It Might As Well Be Spring' to those timeless MY FAIR LADY tunes that became Julie's calling card - 'Wouldn't It Be Loverly,' 'I Could Have Danced All Night,' 'The Rain in Spain' and more. Remembered, too, is her role in the film HIGH TOR with Bing Crosby ('Sad Is the Life of a Sailor's Wife' and 'Once Upon a Long Ago') and her Broadway debut performance in THE BOY FRIEND, plus the pick of Cole Porter, George Gershwin and Noel Coward as you have never heard them before! Included too are the songs that are among Julie's own personal favorites. Beautiful ballads and charming evergreens:' the Lass with a Delicate Air,' 'Where'er You Walk,' 'The Floral Dance,' 'To a Wild Rose' and 'The Kerry Dance' - each suit Julie's voice like a glove. And we have a real rarity too: SONGS OF SENSE AND NONSENSE has Julie in sparkling form with the singer Martyn Green. It's a delightful selection of children's songs that makes the collection worth having for this alone!

1.1 So in Love (From 'Kiss Me Kate')
1.2 Cheek to Cheek (From 'Top Hat') / It Might As Well Be Spring (From 'State Fair')
1.3 Come to Me, Bend to Me (From 'Brigadoon')
1.4 Falling in Love with Love (From 'The Boy from Syracuse')
1.5 I'm Old Fashioned (From 'You Were Never Lovelier')
1.6 My Ship (From 'Lady in the Dark')
1.7 He Loves and She Loves (From 'Funny Face')
1.8 Pedro the Fisherman (From 'The Lisbon Story')
1.9 Matelot (From 'Sigh No More')
1.10 We'll Gather Lilacs (From 'Perchance to Dream')
1.11 In My Own Little Corner (From 'Cinderella')
1.12 Impossible! It's Possible! (From 'Cinderella')
1.13 Ten Minutes Ago (From 'Cinderella')
1.14 Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful (From 'Cinderella')
1.15 When You're Driving Through the Moonlight (From 'Cinderella'
1.16 A Lovely Night (From 'Cinderella')
1.17 Julie Andrews ; Bing Crosby - Sad Is the Life of a Sailor's Wife (From 'High Tor')
1.18 When You're in Love (From 'High Tor')
1.19 Julie Andrews ; Bing Crosby - Once Upon a Long Ago (From 'High Tor)
1.20 London Pride
1.21 The Lass with a Delicate Air
1.22 If My Songs Were Only Winged
1.23 The Floral Dance
1.24 As I Went A-Roaming
1.25 Where'er You Walk
1.26 To a Wild Rose
1.27 The Kerry Dance
1.28 Little Old Lady
1.29 Canterbury Fair
1.30 These Precious Things
1.31 You're a Builder Upper
1.32 Tally Ho!
1.33 Songs of Fun and Nonsense
1.34 The Animal World
1.35 Bedtime Songs and Lullabies
1.36 Wouldn't It Be Loverly? (From 'My Fair Lady')
1.37 Just You Wait (From 'My Fair Lady')
1.38 The Rain in Spain (From 'My Fair Lady')
1.39 I Could Have Danced All Night (From 'My Fair Lady')
1.40 Show Me (From 'My Fair Lady')
1.41 Without You (From 'My Fair Lady')
1.42 The Boy Friend (From 'The Boyfriend')
1.43 I Could Be Happy with You (From 'The Boy Friend')
1.44 A Room in Bloomsbury (From 'The Boyfriend')
1.45 Poor Little Pierrette (From 'The Boy Friend')
1.46 Finale (From 'The Boy Friend')
1.47 Lak Jeem (From 'Rose Marie')
1.48 Indian Love Call (From 'Rose Marie')
1.49 Pretty Things (From 'Rose Marie')
1.50 Finale, Act I (From 'Rose Marie')
1.51 Finaletto, Act II (From 'Rose Marie')
1.52 Minuet of the Minute (From 'Rose Marie')
1.53 Door of My Dreams (From 'Rose Marie')
1.54 Finale Ultimo (From 'Rose Marie')

Julie Andrews: Our Fair Lady: Divine Julie Andrews

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