Julie London: London By Night

Julie London: London By Night
Title: London By Night
Label: Wax Time
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited Edition in Solid Orange Virgin Vinyl. 180 gram. New Collection of Colored Classic LPs. Each LP Has It's Own Unique Sticker!!!

1.1 Well, Sir
1.2 That's for Me
1.3 Mad About the Boy
1.4 In the Middle of a Kiss
1.5 Just the Way I Am
1.6 My Man's Gone Now
1.7 Something I Dreamed Last Night
1.8 Pousse Cafe
1.9 Nobody's Heart
1.10 The Exciting Life
1.11 That Old Feeling
1.12 Cloudy Morning

Julie London: London By Night

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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