Julien Tassin

Julien Tassin: Momentum

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Julien Tassin

Title: Momentum
Label: Hypnote Records

"Momentum" brings together 10 visually and sonically enticing tracks that invite to travel. Guitarist Julien Tassin is a prolific musician, whose music draws from his many influences and experiences from classical music to jazz.Getting out of his comfort zone and diving deep into an exploration of his instrument; the guitar - electric, harmonic, omnipresent - tells as many stories as there are tracks on the album.

1.1 Momentum
1.2 Heat
1.3 Breeze
1.4 Antoine
1.5 Headwind
1.6 Favelas
1.7 4 Sides
1.8 Aube
1.9 Possibilities
1.10 Electricity

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