July Talk

July Talk: Touch

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: July Talk

Artist: July Talk
Title: Touch
Product Type: VINYL LP

When it came time to draft the action plan for album number two, July Talk turned to the only focus group that mattered: those sweatsoaked fans slithering up against one another to lose their minds and morals at the band's electrifying concerts. That's the space where the blinding contrasts in July Talk's music-Leah Fay's crystalline communiqués vs. Peter Dreimanis' three-cartons-a-day bark; greasy southern blues vs. Urbane new-wave cool; sexual tension vs. #cathartic release-collide with thundercloud force, and their new record, Touch, represents it's perfect, lightning-in-a-bottle distillation.

1.1 Picturing Love
1.2 Beck + Call
1.3 Now I Know
1.4 Johnny + Mary
1.5 Strange Habit
1.6 Push + Pull
1.7 Lola + Joseph
1.8 So Sorry
1.9 Jesus Said So
1.10 Touch

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